Spring Training - Session 2 (Limited Spots)

On March 19, 2018

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Harvest offers year round lacrosse training programs for all players, regardless of other club or school team affiliations. Each program is broken up by season; Fall, Winter and Spring/Summer. Each seasonal program has a set, progressional curriculum designed by our Harvest Team which will challenge the individuals to ensure maximum success. Each programs' intensity will be tailored to each group of student-athletes according to age and skill level. This training program is designed to accelerate player development and higher performance. We will work on the athlete’s ability to learn and master new movement patterns while making necessary corrections to bad habits. Emphasis is placed on the individual skills that need the most attention.

Each program is structured to prepare the student- athletes for a particular season or competition. Most of our athletes compete on multiple different teams and at many different types of events or games throughout the year. Therefore, they have no specific time to peak and instead they need to perform at a high level all year long.

When you enroll in one of our programs, you join a class that is loaded with enthusiastic and disciplined students seeking to become the best they can be on and off of the lacrosse field. Our creative coaching tactics will integrate lacrosse concepts with our philosophy and core values. One of our goals at Harvest is to create not only successful student-athletes but also exceptional young men.

Each program monitors academic performance and personal player development as a young man. We ask that student- athletes hand in progress and quarterly grade reports. In a positive environment, players are systematically trained and educated on the five components essential to becoming an successful lacrosse player (Technical, Tactical, Academic, Leadership, and Character).

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