may beAs a condition of playing for Harvest, each player is charged an annual membership fee. The annual membership fee is an all-inclusive charge that covers all of the associated costs related to the programmed activities for the year. The membership fee covers costs/expenses such as:

  • Tournament fees
  • Uniforms
  • Practice apparel
  • Travel bag (first time Harvest members only)
  • Fields
  • Indoor facility
  • Team equipment (i.e. balls, goals, etc.)
  • Insurance
  • Coaching

Please note: the annual membership fee does not cover travel expenses (i.e. hotel, gas, meals, etc.) related to participating in each tournament venue nor does it cover individual player equipment expenses (i.e. helmet, gloves, stick and other protective equipment as required). Harvest offers customized equipment for purchase at discounted wholesale prices, but does not require players to purchase customized equipment. Team building events are not included in the membership dues.

The membership fee may be paid in one payment or installments. Deposit and installment due dates will be sent out via email after tryouts. The membership fee will be communicated before accepting your position on the team. If you have any questions prior to tryouts, do not hesitate to email us.