Prepare Right 4 Excellent Performance (P.R.E.P.)

We are excited to announce a new Harvest event series called, P.R.E.P., which stands for "Prepare Right 4 Excellent Performance”. P.R.E.P. is designed to help parents answer the main question: “Is my son doing the right things to get better at lacrosse while at home?” We feel that through educating both parents and players on how to maximize “at home” time, as well as proper lacrosse stick maintenance and stringing, players will optimize their practice and game performance!

The event consists of 4 main components: at home lacrosse drills, fitness, nutrition and stick stringing/maintenance. Players of all ages and skill levels will benefit from P.R.E.P. The event will consist of a series of presentations, exercises, Q and A’s, and station work. We believe that these events will have an exponential effect on performance.

Interested in booking a P.R.E.P. event for your team or program? Have questions? Contact Grant at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..