Our Approach

Our creative coaching tactics will integrate lacrosse concepts with our philosophy and core values. Lacrosse fundamentals are highly stressed, breaking down each individuals passing and catching movements, down to correct hand/finger placement. Reinforcement of proper fundamentals are essential at any age level.

Fundamental concepts are taught based on the following: Stick skills, dodging, and scoring. Defensive positioning and concepts. Ground balls and communication. Team fundamentals and core values (courage, competence, character, teach about indicators, morale, discipline, selflessness, and proficiency).

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Our Creative Coaching Tactics

  • Positional Coaching: Small and large group instruction.
  • Small Group Drills: Designed to practice individual skills.
  • Team Drills: Larger drills to work on team concepts.
  • Scrimmages: Small to full-field live scrimmage for game-like situations (emphasis on high-pressure situations).

Note: Our desire is not for players to neglect their duties at their respective schools. We hope that by training players in a well-rounded and fundamental way, they will bring the skills back to their teams and be leaders among their peers, helping their respective programs to grow and improve.

Educational Component

There will be breaks in between sessions where our philosophy and core values will be taught, players will be able to ask questions, and coaches will share real-life experiences in order to show how lacrosse fits into the bigger picture of life.

Leadership Component

Our goal is to advance the study and practice of leadership through the lacrosse community, focusing on leadership development, upon our core values. The players will be challenged during leadership and character building exercises throughout any Harvest event.

Our Selected Staff Of Professionals

We do not stress the importance of name recognition within any Harvest events. We recruit our staff based, on not only their knowledge and experience of the game but those who share the same Harvest vision. Our staff is skilled in their ability to present the material in a way that players can remember, retain and practice what they have learned. We try to choose staff that comes from a variety of backgrounds so that they will be able to give real life examples of how they have used the Harvest core values in their lacrosse and personal lives.